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Hi, I'm Christina

I am a Photographer, Video Producer & Web Designer

About me

The multimedia producer Christina Brun tells stories that are touching, honest, and thought-provoking. She moves on the narrow ridge of the symbiosis of art and journalism. In 2015, she was honored with the first prize of the project competition for her «Stories beyond the wall» project. Children in a refugee camp in Palestine were given the opportunity to present their home in a three-week, multimedial exhibition in Switzerland. The year 2016 she was honored the Board of Trustees of the Canton of Solothurn with the Photography and Film Promotion Prize. Christina Brun wants to convey new and positive content and offer a counterpoint to today’s media landscape. The photographer and filmmaker, who was born in Switzerland in 1992, has found her passion in the Middle East and intercultural exchange.


Art & Cultural Advancement Award Photography & Filming Switzerland 2016

1th Place Youth Project Competition Switzerland 2015

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