1st of December 2017 – Universität Freiburg

27th of September 2017 – Rotary Club

15th of September 2017 – Stüsslingen, Kt. Solothurn

29th of April 2017 – Konstanz, Expedition Leben

4th of February 2017 – Mundologia Germany

24th of August 2016 – Get an Insight of Lebanon


July till September 2017
Outdoor Exhibition – 4656 «Im Blick»

10th of December 2016
Antikriegshaus Sievershausen Germany

25th of November till 10th of December 2016
Friedenstage Kirchheimbolander Germany

18th of August till 11th of September 2016
Solothurn S11 Arthouse

11th of December 2015 till 03th of January 2016
Stories beyond the wall | Tattarletti

07th of June till 9th of June 2013
Youthart Olten